About opening new account

Q.How much time does it take from the application for the account establishment to the account establishment?
A.The account establishment procedure is completed by 3-5 business days.

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About deposit

Q.How much is the commission when money is received, and it pays?
A.The transfer commission becomes a load of the customer when money is received from each bank, and when online payment is used, the commission is free.
Rakuten Bank, Japan Net Bank, Mizuho Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, and Japan Post Bank respond to online payment.
Moreover, the commission when paying from the dealings account is free.

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About trade

Q.Log in cannot be done.
A.Please confirm whether there is mistake in log in ID or the password.

*Log in ID is an alphanumeric character of 13 digits.

*Please input the password by normal-width.

*Please note the capital letter and the small letter of both log in ID and password alphabets.

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Management of Log-in ID and Password.

Q.How much time does it take from the application for the account establishment to the account establishment?
-For security, please make sure to reset your password after log-in.
-Please pay attention not to memo your ID and password or tell others.
-Please try not to use Gaitameonline service in internet-cafe and other places with weak security countermeasures.
-Please confirm the latest log-in date and ensure there isn't any unauthorized use of your account.
-For the same ID, it will be locked and be forbidden to log-in if the number of times for which
 it is be entered in the wrong password is over the number we set.
-The term of validity for your password will be 60 days, and please pay attention to change it regularly.
In addition, we don't make inquiries into our clients about the password through e-mail or telephone call.
Please don’t respond to any doubtable inquiries.
In case of anything you are not clear, please contact us by calling the toll-free dial (0120-465-104).

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