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The reasons why GAITAME ONLINE is chosen by customers.

■ Point-1 No trading commission!

You are not required neither any transaction commission nor transactions as follows.

  • Opening new account
  • Maintaining your account
  • Withdrawing money from your account

■ Point-2 The most competitive spread!

The spread of USD/JPY is normally 1 point (1 sen).*

(*)If a sudden change in market prices and a decrease in the liquidity of the market,spreads are not guaranteed.

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■ Point-3 The highest-level swap point.

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Transaction Outline

Transaction Currencies Spread
【Unit: Point=Pip】
Transaction Unit
米ドル円 USD/JPY 1 1,000 units 〜
ユーロ円 EUR/JPY 2
英ポンド円 GBP/JPY 3(*)
豪ドル円 AUD/JPY 3(*)
カナダドル円 CAD/JPY 5
スイスフラン円 CHF/JPY 5
豪ドルスイスフラン AUD/CHF 6
豪ドルNZドル AUD/NZD 10
豪ドル米ドル AUD/USD 2
ユーロ豪ドル EUR/AUD 8
ユーロカナダドル EUR/CAD 7
Transaction Currencies Spread
【Unit: Point=Pip】
Transaction Unit
ユーロスイスフラン EUR/CHF 5 1,000 units 〜
ユーロ英ポンド EUR/GBP 4
ユーロNZドル EUR/NZD 12
ユーロ米ドル EUR/USD 1
英ポンド豪ドル GBP/AUD 9
英ポンドスイスフラン GBP/CHF 9
英ポンドNZドル GBP/NZD 17
英ポンド米ドル GBP/USD 3
NZドル米ドル NZD/USD 6
米ドルカナダドル USD/CAD 6
米ドルスイスフラン USD/CHF 4
南アフリカランド円 ZAR/JPY 150(15cents) 10,000 units 〜

(*)Promotion spread.

If a sudden change in market prices and a decrease in the liquidity of the market, spreads are not guaranteed.

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Transaction Summary

Transaction Type OTC Foreign Exchange Margin Transaction
Transaction Method Internet ( PC and Mobile Phone )
Transaction Time 24 Hours. Monday 7:00am〜Saturday AM6:45am
In U.S Summer Time Period: Monday 7:00am〜Saturday 5:45am
Time alteration happens when the overseas markets are closed.
Beyond the above time only the market order can be registered
System Maintenance Tuesday 〜 Friday 6:55am〜7:05am & Saturday 6:55am〜12:00pm In U.S Summer Time Period: Tuesday〜Friday 5:55am〜6:05am & Saturday 5:55am〜12:00pm
Transaction Unit 10,000 units minimum〜 Please refer to “Transaction Outline”
Initial Margin 5,000 Yen minimum
Margin Ratio(Leverage) 4% of the total transaction amount
Spread Please refer to “Transaction Outline”
Commission Fee Free of Charge
Order Type Market Order,Limit Order,Stop Order,IFD,OCO,IFDO,Trailing Stop
Maintenance Margin No additional margin
Stop-loss Transaction

■L25 course ・ L25 mini course
Stop-loss will be automatically enforced when the amount of efficient margin is lower than 20% of the necessary margin.
*At the time of the maintenance starts, 6:45am every morning, client's necessary margin amount has dropped down below 4% of the outstanding positions calculated by using market rate, all outstanding positions shall be settled automatically.

■L25R course ・ L25R mini course
Stop-loss will be automatically enforced when the amount of efficient margin is lower than 100% of the necessary margin.

Swap Point Swap point happens corresponding to the fixed rate in a specific period.
In case of different currencies, if you take a long position of currencies with high interest rate, swap points will be received (profits). On the contrary, swap points must be paid (losses) if you take a short position.
Receipt and Payment Receipt of money is 24-hour available. Generally, the paying-in results can be reflected in clients’ accounts on the second business day after the day of transfer.
Payment into clients’ account will be approximately made on the second business day after the payment request is received.
In case of receipt, charges of money transfer are expected to be paid by clients.
In case of payment, charges of money transfer will be paid by our company.
Rollover Rollover transaction will be managed every day.
Conversions according to the spot rate can’t be made every day.
Account Management Charge Management and maintenance of accounts are free of charge.
Management Method of Deposit Separate management is conducted under specified money in trust of SMBC
(Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation) and Mizuho Trust & Banking.

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