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Forex margin trading is not a financial product guaranteeing principal amount and interest.The clients may suffer losses from forex rate movement and swap point changes due to interest movement. With the effect of leverage, forex margin trading allows you to trade more amount than you have actually in your account. However, your loss may exceed the amount of margin money due to price fluctuation. The required margin for individual client will be determined by each currency price, which should be 4 % yen equivalent of transaction amount. It could be allowed to trade up to 25 times of your money deposited in your account with us. Corporate clients are able to trade up to 200 times of the money deposited in the account with us. The required margin money in this case is from 3500 yen to 34000 yen depending on currency pairs and trading course chosen. The transaction commissions such as trading commission, account opening commission are basically free of charge. However, there is a spread between bid and ask rates. And it may occur other extra commissions. We have been segregating client's margin money from our own funds upon requested by law. Due to time differential of calculation between necessary maring amount to be trusted and actual trusted amount, your money deposited with us is not necessarily fully guaranteed. Stop loss excursion is not always executed at the rate specified in advance. Under the normal circumstance, as stop loss execution is prepared at the time when the price reaches to the level of stop loss , the actual amount of stop loss may be bigger than the amount loss expected. On the other hand, even if loss cut transaction excuted at the price specified, the amount of loss may be bigger than amount deposited due to market condition. Then might be case where other miscellaneous commission charged. Please read and fully understand the pre-contract document carefully before trading, and start margin trading by your own decision.

Company name: GAITAME ONLINE CO., LTD.License: FSA(financial product )No.276
Association: The Financial Futures Association of Japan (member license No.1544 )

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